Always ready, on-demand infrastructure

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Virtualization Management

Computer Orange architects and engineers have broad experience implementing and managing the creative and cost-effective virtual desktop in today’s enterprises.  We have the expertise necessary to provide you with a cost effective, scalable virtual desktop infrastructure that aligns with your specific requirements.  Our architects carefully review your environment to fully understand your business needs, the needs of your users, and your long-term growth goals.  We then develop the right infrastructure for your desktop, including the servers and software that drive the thin client desktop terminal.

Our delivery engineers are available to deploy your virtual desktop computing solution and desktop virtualization services.  We can also provide staging at our facility, and project management, when needed.

Our Call Center is available to assist your IT staff on a 24/7 basis.  If a component failure occurs, we take ownership of the problem and resolve the issue in a timely manner.

We monitor the total virtual desktop environment on a 24×7 basis and create alerts for any unusual activity.  We manage the evolution of your infrastructure over its useful life, making sure it is always performing optimally.